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[Groff] A large hdtbl patch

From: Larry Kollar
Subject: [Groff] A large hdtbl patch
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 22:08:40 -0500

I started fidding with the hdtbl macros, to see whether I could use them in place of tbl syntax, and have run into several issues. The attached patch does some serious hacking, so Joachim might need to bless this before committing it.

The biggest change is to hdmisc.tmac. I broke out all the page setup stuff into a separate file, because it was interfering with my page layout (common.roff, also attached), then fixed a bug in the .pv macro - I'm pretty sure the "s" and "v" registers should be ".s" and ".v" - and patched all the example files to source common.roff.

After doing this, I found a couple more bugs, which might be the result of my hacking:

1) Tables look great, especially after fiddling with some of the defaults, but unless I put a .fl or .br in front of them, the last line of the previous paragraph floats below the table. Maybe there should be a "float" option to make it behave this way if desired. I was unable (even after many attempts) to find a good place to place a .fl request to fix this.

2) When starting a table with .TBL fsz='0.9', each cell in the table uses a smaller pointsize than the one before it... so the text in the last cell is really tiny!

The example files still format properly, so I don't think they're my bugs.

-- Larry

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