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hdtlb and \n[nl] register

From: Sebastien Marie
Subject: hdtlb and \n[nl] register
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2020 11:36:05 +0100


I am looking to use groff as test for a small project to produce a calendar. I
am a true newbie with groff, and only use it because of ingo@ speach on
address@hidden some times ago (hi Ingo). So please excuse me if I am asking
weird things.

I am using hdtbl to produce the grid (and fill some cells with background
color), and I am trying to add vertical bars over the table to mark "here there
is a thing on several days".

In order to add such bars, I am trying to store the position while in the table,
and after emitting the table, to restore my position to draw over the table (if
I am trying to draw directly while in the table, it seems the rest of the table
is over my drawing).

So I tried to use \n[nl] register. But the value is -1, as if there is nothing
printed on the page at call time.

I have the same problem if I am using `.mk register', \n[register] is 0.

As example, I join a document, I am doing the following:

- on Jan, 6 : a vertical line directly in the table (only the part in the cell
  is visible, rest is overrided)

- on Jan, 13: show \n[nl] register value
              use .mk to store the value in custom register, and show it

- after the table, use absolute position (to show what I would like to do, but
  without manually adjusting positions)

I am using the following command-line to generate the document:
$ groff -Tpdf test.groff > test.pdf

Any advices would be welcome.

Sebastien Marie

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