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Re: Problem building latest git source

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: Problem building latest git source
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2022 14:18:35 -0500

Hi Deri,

At 2022-07-08T14:27:31+0100, Deri wrote:
> On Friday, 8 July 2022 05:54:11 BST G. Branden Robinson wrote:
> > There is another issue I've been hitting.  My builds still work fine in
> > my general-purpose development environment, but fail in my Debian
> > bullseye chroot with no optional dependencies _except_ the URW fonts.
> Yes, it's a bug introduced when I switched search order to file within
> path. Please test with fix just posted to git.

Thanks!  This resolves the problems for me.  My builds are happy both in
and out of my chroot now.

I now see diagnostics from afmtodit that I've never observed before,
though I think other people have reported them.  I suspect they are
freshly exposed bugs in our "font/devps/generate/textmap" file.

BuildFoundries: notice: Copied grops font EURO...
afmtodit: both Delta and uni0394 map to *D at 
/home/branden/BUILD/groff-1.23.0.rc1.2705-ad3dc/afmtodit line 6447.
afmtodit: both mu and uni03BC map to *m at 
/home/branden/BUILD/groff-1.23.0.rc1.2705-ad3dc/afmtodit line 6447.
afmtodit: both mu and uni03BC map to mc at 
/home/branden/BUILD/groff-1.23.0.rc1.2705-ad3dc/afmtodit line 6447.
BuildFoundries: notice: Generated U-AB...

I get these warnings for all of the URW text fonts (i.e., all except U-S
and U-ZD).  I'll see if I can fix them, similarly to the one about

I will probably tweak my recent change to a bit more;
I noticed after pushing that I deviated from your brace style, and I
also question the wisdom of testing the new $beStrict scalar as
frequently as I am doing it.  I'm mulling over having the new `--strict`
option promote _all_ warnings to fatal errors, but I haven't yet
surveyed the other warning instances to see if this makes sense.


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