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Re: Puzzle about ms files generated by pandoc

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: Puzzle about ms files generated by pandoc
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2022 00:44:48 -0500

Hi Robert,

At 2022-07-09T01:00:57-0400, Robert Goulding wrote:
> That's quite some detective work!
> Yes, this is code generated by pandoc. I made a simple markdown file,
> ````roff
> <contents of s.tmac>
> ````
> And then processed it with: pandoc --highlight-style=monochrome -s -o
> and that's the file I posted, unaltered.
> If there are no pandoc hackers here, with your permission I'll report
> your findings to the pandoc bug list. (One of the other highlight
> styles, haddock, gives rise to a similar error, so something has
> clearly gone awry with their templates for a couple of the styles).

Please go right ahead!

> Thanks for looking into this with such thoroughness! - Robert.

My pleasure!  It's nice to root-cause a bug I can actually figure out
once in a while.  Not like this "DEVTAG-EO-TL" phantom vertical motion
thing... :-O


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