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Re: PDF reader for Groff output

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: PDF reader for Groff output
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2022 05:26:58 -0500

Hi Damian,

At 2022-07-09T16:43:06+1000, Damian McGuckin wrote:
> The source code is:
> .ps 12
> .vs 14
> .nf
> .EQ
> p ~ = ~ q times sqrt { ( 1 + ~ (x / (q * q) ) }
> .EN
> The output on Windows with Acrobat had a long tail to the square root
> sign over the top of the whole expression.

It appears from the page header that you're formatting with mm(7), but
that doesn't seem have any unexpected consequences in my experiments.

> Okular has just a simple square root sign on the left of the
> expression, i.e. no encompassing tail over the top.
> evince has a box with segments over the entire expression to the right
> hand side of the square root sign.
> Evince used to work flawlessly with groff 1.22.3 on Centos 6.6.

I have no rendering problems using groff 1.22.4 with Evince or Okular on
my Debian bullseye-based systems.

Since that observation is likely not helpful to you, I am attaching the
source I used, just in case; "grout" output; and PostScript.

$ groff -e -mm -Z EXPERIMENTS/mcguckin.roff >| mcguckin.grout
$ groff -e -mm EXPERIMENTS/mcguckin.roff >|

You might first see if this PostScript file behaves differently; then,
format my "grout" file with grops and check the result.

I used to use Evince exclusively, but in bullseye it has a serious
defect where the sidebar is no longer resizable, so I tend to use Okular
these days.


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