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Re: Using emoji with PDF device

From: Deri
Subject: Re: Using emoji with PDF device
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2022 19:09:26 +0100

On Thursday, 14 July 2022 18:23:55 BST Andrea D'Amore wrote:
> > As regards what fonts are available as standard for gropdf they are listed
> > on page 2 of the pdf version of the man page, you can see a version
> > here:-
> I see, and none of those have emoji extension, right?

Hi Andre,

Yes, that's right.

The characters which are standard to groff are shown in the groff_char(7) man 
page, which starts on page 187 of the attached volume of man pages.

If the "output" column is blank it means that character is unavailable in the 
standard fonts for this device, in this case, gropdf.



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