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Is it possible to detect `grotty -i` at runtime?

From: John Gardner
Subject: Is it possible to detect `grotty -i` at runtime?
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 07:29:48 +1000

I'm looking for a way to harden my .UL
(underline) macro against grotty(1) v1.23's new -i switch, which causes
italicised text to be rendered with actual italics (in TTYs that support SGR
3, at least). My intended workaround involves something like


or some similarly atrocious hack. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be
any predefined register to report the status of grotty(1)'s -i and -r
switches (both of which change how italic fonts are rendered in the

Can anybody confirm that what I'm seeking to do is even possible?

— John

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