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Re: All caps .TH page title

From: Alejandro Colomar
Subject: Re: All caps .TH page title
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 13:46:37 +0200
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On 7/22/22 12:35, Alejandro Colomar (man-pages) wrote:
BTW, I think I didn't reply (or if I did was very short) to your comment that other languages may find it difficult to mirror our use of subsections, since their main section is already a subsection (e.g., 3pl).  I'd say that since C is the native Unix language, and others are just... others?, I'd optimize for C, and let other languages find a way to document their things.  It would be easy to say just go away, the man pages are for C, but I won't dare to say that, since I like man pages, and I'd like to see more documentation for languages that I sometimes have to use be in the form of man pages, so I'll try to come up with a more imaginative answer:  how about using subsubsections of the form 3pl_type?  At least it's a possibility.  man(1) would handle them as any other subsection, but that's not a big problem.  Maybe man(1) could develop a way to provide subsubsections...  Colin, any ideas in this regard?

Or, maybe it's the time to write a whole new volume? I think there's a comparable difference between 3type and 3 than between 2 and 3 or 1 and 8, so it would be merited. I didn't do it before for two reasons: it might break software that assumes than Unix manuals use a single number followed by an optional string (I'd say it's not a fair assumption to say that man9 would be the last one ever used; if there's 9, there might be a 10 some day), and because other projects had already used 3type.

But, that would start a clean namespace.  Maybe it's worth it.

How would you feel if I inaugurate man10 for types, and later man11 for non-function-like macros? :D



Alejandro Colomar

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