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Re: "Writing my PhD using groff"

From: Nate Bargmann
Subject: Re: "Writing my PhD using groff"
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2022 08:39:54 -0500

Hi Branden.

Sometimes I scan a document and enter proof reading mode.  I submit this
small patch to remove a misplaced 'the':


$ diff -u 
---     2022-07-24 12:58:02.997175471 -0500
+++        2022-07-24 13:06:10.311896186 -0500
@@ -345,7 +345,7 @@
 .CW \[rs]&
 if they are at the beginning of an input line
 (or might become that way in editing)
-to prevent the them from being interpreted as macro calls or requests.
+to prevent them from being interpreted as macro calls or requests.
 .CW . ,


Also, in section 5.8 the sentence introducing boxed keeps seems awkward
to me:

        A keep have a frame drawn around it; this is called a boxed

Perhaps a more simple introduction would be:

        A boxed keep has a frame drawn around it.

Too simple?

Thanks to Larry and you for nice introduction to ms.

- Nate

"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all
possible worlds.  The pessimist fears this is true."
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