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Re: installed 'gropdf' incorrectly used for compilation

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: installed 'gropdf' incorrectly used for compilation
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 17:55:26 -0500

[looping in groff@gnu]

Hi Werner,

At 2022-07-26T20:21:48+0000, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> While building current git from groff (2f4432718c) with
> ```
> ./bootstrap --gnulib-srcdir=~/git/gnulib
> ./configure
> make -j12
> ```
> I got the following error messages:
> ```
> gropdf:contrib/mom/examples/ fatal error:
>   failed to open '/usr/share/ghostscript/9.52/Resource/Font/C059-Roman'
> gropdf:src/utils/addftinfo/addftinfo.1: fatal error:
>   failed to open 
> '/usr/share/ghostscript/9.52/Resource/Font/NimbusRoman-Italic'
> ```
> Analyzing the problem showed that I have an older groff installation
> in `/usr/local` that was configured for gs 9.52.  However, my
> currently installed gs version is 9.54; this means that my locally
> installed groff version is outdated and thus partially invalid.
> The installation from git gets correctly configured to use 9.54.
> This inconsistency of gs on my GNU/Linux is of no importance, but it
> clearly shows that there is a bug while compiling groff: It uses
> `gropdf` from my system instead of using the just compiled `gropdf`!
> I guess that during the documentation build `groff -Tpdf` gets used
> without adjusting the PATH so that the freshly compiled binary doesn't
> come first.

Yes, that's no good.  I think the correct fix for this is to update the
Automake files to set $GROFF_BIN_PATH to the build directory before
running groff to generate our own artifacts.  There are only a few
directories that require this, all of which I think Ingo and/or I
touched recently.

Does that sound correct to you?


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