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Fixes for several contrib/mom/momdoc files

From: Alexis
Subject: Fixes for several contrib/mom/momdoc files
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2022 21:42:52 +1000
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Hi all,

Wanting to have the MOM documentation on my e-reader, i couldn't find a single-file PDF or EPUB version, so i tried using pandoc to convert the HTML files to an EPUB. However, pandoc kept aborting due to the invalid markup in several of the files, resulting in multiple 'TagClose: "div"' errors.

The attached diff includes what i needed to do in order to avoid these errors (and perhaps some theoretically-unneeded fixes as well). It doesn't address many other markup errors reported by Emacs' nXML mode, most of which are "Element not allowed in this context" and "Unknown element" errors. The latter were caused by the use of '<nobr>'; i gather one one is supposed to instead use the 'white-space' CSS property.


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