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Re: Re: Request to support CJK fonts in grops

From: ttk
Subject: Re: Re: Request to support CJK fonts in grops
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2022 22:26:08 +0900

Dear Dave,

Thank you for your advice.
I submitted my request to savannah
My patches are now based on the latest groff codes in savannah git repository.

Dear Branden,

Thank you for your kind advise.

> A.  I'm not sure about the change that makes the C1 controls valid input
>     code points.
If I use UTF-8 characters in font description file for example font/devps/JPM,
I got warnings. My intention is to fix it.
But I reverted the change to pass C1 control in the new patches.

> B.  I like the broad test coverage but I'm a little doubtful of its
>     architecture on two levels.
The broad tests in my GitHub repository is to study capability of my patches
for CJK typesetting.
For smoke test, I added new one:
It is integrated in the Automake test harness.

> C.  Of lesser importance, and easier to solve, are some reservations I
>     have about code style.  I am dubious about indirecting the changed
>     data type for `ps_output` through the preprocessor, altering its
>     first argument from a `char` to an unsigned short.  I would prefer
>     to have the function tell the truth about its argument types.
>     "CHAR" is misleading.  Furthermore, my first inclination would be to
>     go ahead and use an entire machine register for this datum, since
>     Unicode is a 21-bit code in a 32-bit space.  Only if performance
>     problems, reliably measured and verified, with grops arose would I
>     consider an optimization to a shorter type.
I changed the type for wide characters in UTF16 to wchar_t.

>     I think I would prefer to add a new font description file directive,
>     something like "charset-range", and use that to exercise your new
>     feature of applying a single set of metrics to a large number of
>     code points.
I introduced the new font description "charset-range"

> Can you tell me where I might obtain the font files you are using?  I am
> eager to start experimenting and planning the least disruptive route to
> integration.
My test environment is shown in
We do not need setting for groff.
We need to set up CJK fonts for Ghostscript and to prepare CJK truetype fonts.


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