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Re: Drafting a Guix blog post on the FHS container

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Drafting a Guix blog post on the FHS container
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2022 15:53:25 +0100
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John Kehayias <> skribis:

> First, let's dive right into a big one: the popular VSCodium editor. This is 
> a freely licensed build of VS Code: 
> <>
> This comes in AppImage format. Downloading it and making it executable (with 
> a 'chmod +x') I can run it in a container as
> guix shell -CNF -D ungoogled-chromium gcc:lib \
>      --preserve='^DISPLAY$' --preserve='^XAUTHORITY$' --share=$XAUTHORITY \
>      --preserve='^DBUS_' --expose=/var/run/dbus \
>      --expose=/sys/dev --expose=/sys/devices --expose=/dev/dri \
>      -- ./VSCodium- 
> --appimage-extract-and-run

The code in that AppImage is free software, right?

> Another example is to get the latest nightly builds of Rust, via 
> <>

That’s a nice one too!

> Happy to try other examples and to hear feedback on these!

I think these are two good examples, likely to correspond to the kind of
thing people may want to try.

>> Actually you can use or get inspiration from this animated GIF if you
>> like:
>>   <>
> Either I forgot to save this or wasn't able to access it before, and can't 
> access it now.

Yeah, the TLS setup on that machine is broken, so you’d have to “Accept
the risk and continue”; I sent you a copy off-list.

If we release on Monday, it would be great to have it published…
tomorrow (Friday).  Otherwise next Friday maybe?



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