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Re: Guidelines for pre-trained ML model weight binaries (Was re: Where s

From: Kyle
Subject: Re: Guidelines for pre-trained ML model weight binaries (Was re: Where should we put machine learning model parameters?)
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2023 13:41:40 +0000

>Since it is computing, we could ask about the bootstrap of such
>generated data.  I think it is a slippery slope because it is totally
>not affordable to re-train for many cases: (1) we would not have the
>hardware resources from a practical point of view,, (2) it is almost
>impossible to tackle the source of indeterminism (the optimization is
>too entailed with randomness). 

I have only seen situations where the optimization is "too entailed with 
randomness" when models are trained on proprietary GPUs with specific settings. 
Otherwise, pseudo-random seeds are perfectly sufficient to remove the 


Many people think that "ultimate" reproducibility is not a practical either. 
It's always going to be easier in the short term to take shortcuts which make 
conclusions dependent on secret sauce which few can understand.


 From my point of view, pre-trained
>weights should be considered as the output of a (numerical) experiment,
>similarly as we include other experimental data (from genome to
>astronomy dataset).

I think its a stretch to consider a data compression as an experiment. In 
experiments I am always finding mistakes which confuse the interpretation 
hidden by prematurely compressing data, e.g. by taking inappropriate averages. 
Don't confuse the actual experimental results with dubious data processing 

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