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herd stop hangs

From: Vladilen Kozin
Subject: herd stop hangs
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2023 17:40:39 +0100


I wrote a shepherd service that runs a java application in a semi standard fashion

  #~(make-forkexec-constructor ...
    #:user ..       
    #:group ..
    #:environment-variables ...

$ sudo herd start my-service
starts without a hitch, but

$ sudo stop my-service
simply hangs for the default 5sec until Shepherd SIGKILLs it (as per /var/log/messages) and even after that console where I run the herd stop command doesn't get released until I manually CTRL-C it.

Been driving me nuts, cause Java handles SIGTERM but just in case I even added shutdownHook to my app that should explicitly execute on SIGTERM and other such signals. Testing it on OSX e.g. works just fine. But stop wouldn't work on guix. I then decided to try everything manually:

$ start my java app from the console

In another console
$ sudo pkill -TERM pid

and nada ... it's like signal isn't even delivered.
$ sudo pkill -KILL pid

Eh ... still nothing
$ sudo kill -s SIGTERM pid
gets delivered

Ha? kill vs pkill ... ha? Could this give a clue as to why sudo herd stop won't work?
What is going on here? Any ideas? I'm completely lost at this point. 
Best regards
Vlad Kozin

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