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rrdtool hash mismatch

From: Aleksandr Vityazev
Subject: rrdtool hash mismatch
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2023 18:47:30 +0000


rrdtool package has not been updated for several years and according to builds normally, but if you run:

./pre-inst-env guix build --no-substitutes --check --no-grafts rrdtool

it outputs an error
sha256 hash mismatch for 
expected hash: 1nsqra0g2nja19akmf9x5y9hhgc35ml3w9dcdz2ayz7zgvmzmm6d1
actual hash: 029r3h7l06m3sy9q0hr2krvinhzkqvyl14wj7qjck79bm7rdvp48

which looks strange to me. Maybe it's not, but I haven't figured out

Best regards,
Aleksandr Vityazev

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