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Re: bug#61879: Powerpc on core-updates

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Re: bug#61879: Powerpc on core-updates
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2023 16:06:16 +0200

Am Thu, Apr 13, 2023 at 02:46:00PM +0100 schrieb Christopher Baines:
> Thanks for figuring this out Andreas! I've managed to apply this change
> in the relevant place, and it appears to work.

Good news, thanks!

> +          #$@(if (and (target-ppc64le?)
> +                      (version>=? (package-version gcc) "11"))

The file changed a lot on master, and the patch will not apply and
should not be needed there. I did not check, but I think it is already
not needed for gcc@12 any more. So we should probably check for the
major version being equal to 11.

It should be easy to check that it does not cause any rebuilds on the
other architectures, and we cannot break powerpc more than it already
is, so feel free to push something along these lines to core-updates.


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