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Re: herd stop hangs

From: Vlad Kozin
Subject: Re: herd stop hangs
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2023 22:02:27 +0100

> (I guess the second command is ‘sudo herd stop my-service’.)  If you
> interrupt the ‘herd’ command, does ‘sudo herd status’ and similar
> commands still respond?

‘sudo herd stop myservice’ exactly. Sorry about that.
Herd continues to function. Appears that somehow SIGTERM has no effect or it 
never gets sent or it is in fact delivered and acted upon but shepherd fails to 
notice, so /var/log/messages shows subsequent SIGKILL. Whichever it is, herd 
status will show the service has been stopped. That’s one issue. Another is 
that the console where ‘sudo herd stop’ was typed required a CTRL C to get the 

Could it be some weird sequence of what appears in the :running slot or smth? 
I’m using standard process constructors destructors mimicking other services

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