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Re: GOOPS-less Shepherd

From: Christine Lemmer-Webber
Subject: Re: GOOPS-less Shepherd
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 07:44:01 -0400
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Ludovic Courtès <> writes:

> Hello!
> I’d like to release the Shepherd 0.10.0 in a few weeks at most, with the
> hope that it’ll be the last stable series before 1.0, which would be
> released in a few months.
> As part of this, I’d like to clean up the API, which includes removing
> the dependency on GOOPS.  The Shepherd had been using GOOPS from the
> start but for no particular reason: there’s no inheritance and only a
> couple of cases of method overloading.


"Obviously" Shepherd should use Spritely Goblins, which also does not
use GOOPS ;D

> I started that work, which mostly involves renaming things like
> accessors following typical Scheme conventions:

404s for me.

> I imagine the following deprecation scenario:
>   • 0.10.x would still support GOOPS, as in (make <service> …), but
>     that would be deprecated in favor of a more Schemey (service …)
>     form.  Under the hood it’s still GOOPS.
>   • 1.0.x would no longer use GOOPS at all.  We could provide a ‘make’
>     macro so that (make <service> …) would still kinda work.
> What’s at stake, mostly, is the ability to reconfigure a long-running
> shepherd instance.  Once 1.0.x is in Guix, ‘guix system reconfigure’
> will most likely fail to upgrade services on a pre-0.10.x shepherd:
> users will have to reboot.
> Thoughts?
> Ludo’.

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