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Re: Latest news on core-updates

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: Latest news on core-updates
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2023 09:01:30 -0400
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Hi Andreas,

Andreas Enge <> writes:

> Hello Maxim,
> Am Wed, Apr 19, 2023 at 02:41:31PM +0200 schrieb Andreas Enge:
>> I am not sure what "frozen" means exactly; I would say we must not make
>> commits to core-updates unless they repair a broken package, or maybe help
>> repair broken packages further down towards the leaves.
> your recent docbook commits probably do not fit this definition, much less
> so than the suggested valgrind update that we nevertheless postponed until
> after the merge. They cause an extraordinary number of rebuilds. I hope they
> are mostly harmless and do not cause additional build failures, so keeping
> them in is probably easier than reverting them.

10,000 total rebuilds for Cuirass is about 2500 packages per platforms.
It's large, but not 'extraordinary' large :-).  8 hours later we're back
to our current 50% substitute coverage target.

> But let us from now on stick with commits that make important packages work,
> or packages very close to the leaves.
> I suggest the following timetable:
> - Hard freeze now, only important broken packages or packages close to the
>   leaves may be changed.
> - Over the weekend, update your systems and profiles and test and repair
>   problems that appear.
> - If no show-stopper occurs, merge core-updates into master on Tuesday.

OK, thanks for making this clear!  I'll refrain from changes causing big
rebuilds from now on, unless they are truly unavoidable.  Sounds like a
good plan.



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