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WDYT of guix remove flag that is like sed -i?

From: jgart
Subject: WDYT of guix remove flag that is like sed -i?
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2023 15:06:41 +0000


WDYT of a `guix remove` flag that is like sed -i that removes the package from 
the module it is in?

It is like `sed -i` but works on guix packages/sexps themselves.

For example, I as the user would be able to do the following

`guix remove -i chezmoi` and it would remove the chezmoi package cleanly from 

If I also pass in the -r flag then it will also remove all the direct 
dependencies of chezmoi.

Might be cool and powerful to be able to have a flag to remove dependents as 

I realize that this better serves the particular use cases of a channel like 
Guix 'R Us that is constantly needing to remove packages that it has upstreamed 
in an efficient manner. Still, this would be cool functionality to have.

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