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Re: `mumi send-email' means no more debbugs dance to send multiple patch

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: `mumi send-email' means no more debbugs dance to send multiple patches
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2023 13:26:29 +0100

Hi Josselin,

> I've just tried it out, but unfortunately mumi didn't receive the mail
> in time and it just timed out sending the replies :( is there anything
> that could be done on that front?  Does mumi use IMAP IDLE?

Ouch! Unfortunately, timeouts can happen. I was just hoping it would be
unlikely. Did you wait out the full 15 retries of `mumi send-email'?

There are three parts to the system---the debbugs server, the mumi
server and the `mumi send-email' client. `mumi send-email' sends emails
to the debbugs server but polls the mumi server to see if its mail has
been received and registered.

The mumi server fetches emails from the debbugs server using a periodic
rsync. This happens once every few minutes (< 5 minutes)[1]. After
sending the first email, `mumi send-email' polls the mumi server once
every minute to see if the email has reached the mumi server. `mumi
send-email' retries this poll for a maximum of 15 times before giving

This is admittedly a somewhat fragile system, but it is the best we can
do considering debbugs' limitations. Given email's asynchronous store
and forward design and all the polling we do, a `mumi send-email'
timeout is possible. Do you think increasing the number of times `mumi
send-email' retries would help? Did the email you sent using `mumi
send-email' finally reach debbugs and the mumi server? How long did it
take? How long do your emails typically take to reach debbugs and the
mumi server?

Thanks for the feedback, and happy hacking! :-)


[1]: I don't know the exact polling interval of this rsync. Maybe
     Ricardo (CCed) can clarify?

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