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Re: `mumi send-email' means no more debbugs dance to send multiple patch

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: `mumi send-email' means no more debbugs dance to send multiple patches
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2023 09:59:05 -0400
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Arun Isaac <> writes:

> Hi John,
>> I just tried it out and it worked smoothly for sending 2 patches to an
>> existing bug. However, it was sent only directly to the bug address,
>> not being aware I guess of anyone that had submitted or since been
>> CC'ed to the thread.
>> Is there anything we can do here? I learned about the useful "wide
>> reply" when using debbugs in Emacs and presumably mumi can/does know
>> about all addresses on the bug. So hopefully this wishlist item won't
>> be too difficult.
> This is definitely a nice feature to have. For now, I put in the other
> addresses as Cc when creating the patch using `git format-patch'. Should
> we build this feature into `mumi send-email' or should we create a
> separate `mumi format-patch' command that will create a patch with the
> correct Cc and with other necessary options passed to `git
> format-patch'? The other necessary options (think options like `-1 -a
> --base=auto' as recommended in the Guix manual at "(guix) Sending a
> Patch Series") could be configured in .mumi/config allowing different
> projects using mumi to recommend different options.

All the above could be handled at the level of git directly with the
changes suggested in #58813, so I'd suggest we do this, which benefits
everyone/everything relying on it.

But I think something extra that mumi send-email could do, which git
can't (because it doesn't fetch the existing thread data), would be to
CC all parties that have already commented in the corresponding thread
(if the issue already exists).  I think this is what John was going at.

> Either way, patches to mumi are always welcome! ;-)

Thanks for this nice tool!


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