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Re: Tramp and Zope.

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: Tramp and Zope.
Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 12:19:49 +0200
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address@hidden (Artur Maciąg) writes:

>  When I tryin' to load file Emacs says:
>  ange-ftp-ftp-name: Lisp nesting exceeds max-lisp-eval-depth

This smells of an infloop.  I think the following patch corrects this
problem.  Does it work?

Index: lisp/tramp.el
RCS file: /cvsroot/tramp/tramp/lisp/tramp.el,v
retrieving revision 2.172
diff -u -r2.172 tramp.el
--- lisp/tramp.el       4 Aug 2002 13:53:24 -0000       2.172
+++ lisp/tramp.el       5 Aug 2002 10:17:32 -0000
@@ -3189,14 +3188,15 @@
 (defun tramp-invoke-ange-ftp (operation &rest args)
   "Invoke the Ange-FTP handler function and throw."
-  (or ange-ftp-name-format (require 'ange-ftp))
+  (or (boundp 'ange-ftp-name-format) (require 'ange-ftp))
   (let ((ange-ftp-name-format
         (list (nth 0 tramp-file-name-structure)
               (nth 3 tramp-file-name-structure)
               (nth 2 tramp-file-name-structure)
               (nth 4 tramp-file-name-structure))))
     (throw 'tramp-forward-to-ange-ftp
-          (apply 'ange-ftp-hook-function operation args))))
+          (tramp-run-real-handler 'ange-ftp-hook-function
+                                  (cons operation args)))))
 (defun tramp-ange-ftp-file-name-p (multi-method method)
   "Check if it's a filename that should be forwarded to Ange-FTP."

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