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Re: Tramp and NT-Emacs with plink

From: Douglas Gray Stephens
Subject: Re: Tramp and NT-Emacs with plink
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 09:46:06 -0500


At 13:56 (GMT+0200) on 28-September-2002, Kai Großjohann wrote:

 > > Anyway doing a find file
 > >   /plink:address@hidden:public_html/test.html
 > > I noticed that I was getting prompted for a password twice (again an  
 > >  echo are you awake
 > > statement was triggering a second prompt for a password. An extract of
 > > the debug buffer which continues from a session last used 24+ hours
 > > ago is appended. 
 > Wow, your debugging help is invaluable.  Thanks a lot.  Please try
 > this patch (or the current CVS):

Well, I do the easy part, you're doing the invaluable part of
providing us all with a great tool -- tramp.

I've pulled the current version from CVS, so will let you know if I
see the issue again.

I've been slightly concerned that some of my bash history files
are filling up with tramp commands, and I've increased the size to
1000 so that I can see the complete log of commands on the remote
machine. (The debug file does have
 $ # Waiting 30s for `HISTFILE=$HOME/.tramp_history; HISTSIZE=1'
) and on one of the machines (a Linux box) I only see the expected 
 exec env 'PS1=$ ' /bin/sh

I'll send more details if I managed to get more conclusive evidence.


 > > I would suggest that the page is updated to either get people to set
 > > the CVSROOT, or to specify the root on the command for update.
 > It is only necessary to specify the repository on the first checkout
 > (which needs to be done using co instead of update).
 > Note that the manual says to cd to the ~/emacs/tramp directory.  There, you
 > (and CVS) can find the CVSROOT value to use in the file CVS/Root.  If
 > you want to make an update from the ~/emacs directory, then indeed
 > you need to specify the CVSROOT value on the command line.  But I
 > think switching to the ~/emacs/tramp directory and then just doing
 > "cvs up -dP" is more convenient.

Thank you for that explaination.  I realise the error of my ways, I
forgot that I'd tar'ed the lisp files from my CVS directory into my
emacs area, so was using 
 cvs update -d
in the wrong directory, and so no files were updated.




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