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-p hack bug

From: Paul Poh
Subject: -p hack bug
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2003 09:27:09 -0500
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>Paul Poh wrote:
>> I'm a newbie with Tramp but I think there's a bug with the -p hack
>> for scp in Tramp 2.0.28.
>> I notice that Tramp creates two ssh connections to the remote host
>> when retrieving files. The first connection does specify the -p
>> option and connects succesfully. But the second connection fails
>> because it attempts to connect to the incorrect port.
> KaiGrossjohann replied:
>Tramp creates one ssh connection for doing filename completion and
>suchlike, and if you use scp, it will start another connection for
>each file transfer.
>In tramp-methods, you have to specify the port in both tramp-rsh-args
>and in tramp-rcp-args.  Did you do that?

Thanks for the tip. I did try that and it does work to a certain extent. But I was refering to the documentation which refers to the ability to specify the port number when using Tramp's filename syntax. Specifically, according to what I read in the documentation, it should be possible to specify:


However, the port number 2222 is used only for the initial ssh connection.

I suppose I could create a new tramp-method if each system with varying port usage.

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