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Tramp and NT-Emacs with plink

From: Douglas Gray Stephens
Subject: Tramp and NT-Emacs with plink
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2003 22:47:38 +0000


I've just updated my tramp from CVS to 2.0.28, which I'm running on
W2K and Emacs 20.7.1. (Previously I was on 2.0.23).

Anyway, trying to do load a file via plink, the process is stalling
after trying to set the shell prompt.

It appears that tramp.el is setting tramp-end-of-output to a binary
string (
 tramp-end-of-output's value is 
 "///Úá ±OEQÎ

 String used to recognize end of output.

 Defined in `tramp'.
).  I am using plink as my default method.

I'm using 
 ;;; md5.el -- MD5 Message Digest Algorithm
 ;;; Gareth Rees <address@hidden>
 ;; LCD Archive Entry:
 ;; md5|Gareth Rees|address@hidden|
 ;; MD5 cryptographic message digest algorithm|
 ;; 13-Nov-95|1.0|~/misc/md5.el.Z|

I've attached the debug and tramp buffers.

I am having the same problem on redhat 7.1, which again is running
emacs 20.7.1, but this time my default method is ssh (but this time
md5.el is included in the emacs distribution, and is 
 ;;; Compiled by address@hidden on Fri Mar 16 13:18:03 2001
 ;;; from file /usr/src/bs/BUILD/emacs-20.7/gnus-5.8.8/lisp/md5.el
 ;;; in Emacs version 20.7.1
 ;;; with bytecomp version 2.56
 ;;; with all optimizations.

Any suggestions?

# Opening connection for address@hidden using nil...
# Waiting for prompts from remote shell
# Waiting 60s for prompt from remote shell
# Sending password
# Found remote shell prompt.
# Initializing remote shell
$ exec env PS1='$ ' /bin/sh
# Waiting 30s for remote `/bin/sh' to come up...
exec env 'PS1=$ ' /bin/sh
$ # Setting up remote shell environment
stty -inlcr -echo kill '^U'
$ $ # Determining coding system
$ # Waiting 30s for `HISTFILE=$HOME/.tramp_history; HISTSIZE=1'
$ # Waiting 30s for `set +o vi +o emacs'
$ # Waiting 30s for `unset MAIL MAILCHECK MAILPATH'
$ # Waiting 30s for `unset CDPATH'
$ # Setting shell prompt
$ PS1='
///Úá ±OEQÎ
'; PS2=''; PS3=''
> > > > 


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