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tramp (2.0.28); fails with Latin-1 language environment

From: Matt Swift
Subject: tramp (2.0.28); fails with Latin-1 language environment
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 16:04:37 -0500

Enter your bug report in this message, including as much detail as you
possibly can about the problem, what you did to cause it and what the
local and remote machines are.

If you can give a simple set of instructions to make this bug happen
reliably, please include those.  Thank you for helping kill bugs in

Another useful thing to do is to put (setq tramp-debug-buffer t) in
the ~/.emacs file and to repeat the bug.  Then, include the contents
of the *tramp/foo* buffer and the *debug tramp/foo* buffer in your bug

--bug report follows this line--

  ;; Start a very clean EmacsNT 21.2 and load this file.
  (require 'tramp) ; version 2.0.28.
  (setq tramp-default-method "rsync")
  (setq tramp-methods
           (tramp-connection-function tramp-open-connection-rsh)
           (tramp-rsh-program "ssh")
           (tramp-rcp-program "rsync")
           (tramp-remote-sh "bash --norc -i")
            ;; multiple `-t's force pty allocation even when ssh has
            ;; no local tty, see ssh man page.
            ("-e" "none" "-t" "-t" "bash" "--norc" "-i"))
            ("-e" "ssh" "--blocking-io"))
           (tramp-rcp-keep-date-arg "-t")
           (tramp-su-program nil)
           (tramp-su-args nil)
           (tramp-encoding-command nil)
           (tramp-decoding-command nil)
           (tramp-encoding-function nil)
           (tramp-decoding-function nil)
           (tramp-telnet-program nil)
           (tramp-telnet-args nil))))

  ;; This line below, which should be idempotent, prevents Tramp from working.
  ;; It chokes because when it gets the remote bash and issues the first
  ;; command to change the prompt, the prompt comes back doubled on the same
  ;; line:
  ;;    "$ $ "
  ;; I've experimented and confirmed that is why that is the response.
  ;; NOTICE that if you customize `current-language-environment', this
  ;; function gets called.  
  (set-language-environment current-language-environment)

  ;; If you do not set set it like that, the value of
  ;; `current-language-environment' is "Latin-1"; but you can't set it to
  ;; "Latin-1".  Weird!

  ;; Setting it to "English" is OK, though:

  (set-language-environment "English")

  ;; Set it to "Latin-1" and then reset.  The value of
  ;; `current-language-environment' is "Latin-1" still.
  ;; And it's OK again!  Even weirder!


  ;; If you start a fresh Emacs and customize `current-language-environment',
  ;; it says the value has been changed (to "Latin-1") outside of Customize, so
  ;; I think EmacsNT developers must do this before it dumps.

  ;; Still, Tramp should work after setting it to "Latin-1".  I have no idea
  ;; where the problem is.  I looked at all the shell quoting variables I know
  ;; about and none of them cause the double-prompt.


Emacs  : GNU Emacs 21.2.1 (i386-msvc-nt5.1.2600)
 of 2002-03-19 on buffy
Package: tramp (2.0.28)

current state:
 tramp-ls-command nil
 tramp-test-groks-nt nil
 tramp-file-exists-command nil
 tramp-current-multi-method nil
 tramp-current-method nil
 tramp-current-user nil
 tramp-current-host nil
 tramp-auto-save-directory "~/.tramp-autosave"
 tramp-default-method "rsync"
 tramp-rsh-end-of-line "\n"
 tramp-password-end-of-line "\n"
 tramp-remote-path '("/bin" "/usr/bin" "/usr/sbin" "/usr/local/bin" "~/bin" 
"`athdir /mit/sipb`")
 tramp-login-prompt-regexp ".*ogin: *"
 tramp-password-prompt-regexp "^.*\\([pP]assword\\|passphrase.*\\):? *"
 tramp-wrong-passwd-regexp "^.*\\(Connection 
\\(?:\\(?:clo\\|refu\\)sed\\)\\|Host key verification failed\\.\\|Login 
\\(?:[Ii]ncorrect\\)\\|Name or service not known\\|\\(?:Permission 
denied\\|Sorry, try again\\)\\.\\).*\\|^.*\\(Received signal [0-9]+\\).*"
 tramp-yesno-prompt-regexp "\\(Are you sure you want to continue connecting 
 tramp-yn-prompt-regexp "\\(Store key in cache\\? (y/n)\\)\\s-*"
 tramp-temp-name-prefix "tramp."
 tramp-file-name-structure '("^/\\(\\([a-zA-Z_0-9-]+\\):\\)?\\(\\([^:@/         
]*\\)@\\)?\\([a-zA-Z0-9_.#-]*\\):\\(.*$\\)" 2 4 5 6)
 tramp-file-name-regexp "\\`/[^/:]+:"
'("^/\\(\\([a-zA-Z_0-9-]+\\)\\)?\\(\\(:%s\\)+\\)?:\\(.*$\\)" 2 3 -1)
 tramp-multi-file-name-hop-structure '("\\([a-zA-Z_0-9-]+\\):\\([^:@/   
]*\\)@\\([a-zA-Z0-9_.#-]*\\)" 1 2 3)
 tramp-multi-methods '("multi" "multiu")
 tramp-multi-connection-function-alist '(("telnet" tramp-multi-connect-telnet
                                          "telnet %h%n")
                                         ("rsh" tramp-multi-connect-rlogin "rsh
%h -l %u%n")
                                         ("ssh" tramp-multi-connect-rlogin "ssh
%h -l %u%n") ("su" tramp-multi-connect-su "su - %u%n")
                                         ("sudo" tramp-multi-connect-su "sudo 
-u %u -s%n"))
 tramp-methods '(("rsync" (tramp-connection-function tramp-open-connection-rsh)
                  (tramp-rsh-program "ssh") (tramp-rcp-program "rsync")
                  (tramp-remote-sh "bash --norc -i") (tramp-rsh-args ("-e"
                                                                      "-t" "-t"
                  (tramp-rcp-args ("-e" "ssh" "--blocking-io"))
                  (tramp-rcp-keep-date-arg "-t") (tramp-su-program nil)
                  (tramp-su-args nil)
                  (tramp-encoding-command nil) (tramp-decoding-command nil)
                  (tramp-encoding-function nil) (tramp-decoding-function nil)
                  (tramp-telnet-program nil) (tramp-telnet-args nil))
 tramp-end-of-output "///41b21492f3613bb5b520a3b539050a19"
 tramp-coding-commands '(("mimencode -b" "mimencode -u -b" base64-encode-region
                         ("mmencode -b" "mmencode -u -b" base64-encode-region
                         ("recode data..base64" "recode"
                          base64-encode-region base64-decode-region)
                         ("uuencode xxx" "uudecode -o -" tramp-uuencode-region
                         ("uuencode xxx" "uudecode -p" tramp-uuencode-region
                         ("uuencode xxx" "tramp_uudecode" tramp-uuencode-region
                         ("tramp_encode_with_module" "tramp_decode_with_module"
                          base64-encode-region base64-decode-region)
                         ("tramp_encode" "tramp_decode" base64-encode-region 
 tramp-actions-before-shell '((tramp-password-prompt-regexp
                              (tramp-login-prompt-regexp tramp-action-login)
                              (shell-prompt-pattern tramp-action-succeed)
                              (tramp-shell-prompt-pattern tramp-action-succeed)
                              (tramp-yesno-prompt-regexp tramp-action-yesno)
                              (tramp-yn-prompt-regexp tramp-action-yn) 
(tramp-terminal-prompt-regexp tramp-action-terminal))
 tramp-multi-actions '((tramp-password-prompt-regexp
                        tramp-multi-action-password) (tramp-login-prompt-regexp
                       (shell-prompt-pattern tramp-multi-action-succeed)
                       (tramp-shell-prompt-pattern tramp-multi-action-succeed)
 tramp-terminal-type "dumb"
 tramp-shell-prompt-pattern "^[^#$%>\n]*[#$%>] *"
 shell-prompt-pattern "^[^#$%>\n]*[#$%>] *"
 backup-by-copying nil
 backup-by-copying-when-linked nil
 backup-by-copying-when-mismatch nil
 backup-by-copying-when-privileged-mismatch 200
 . jka-compr-handler)
   ("^/[^/]*$" . tramp-completion-file-name-handler) ("\\`/[^/:]+:"
                                                      . tramp-file-name-handler)
   ("^[a-zA-Z]:/[^/:]*\\'" . ange-ftp-completion-hook-function)
 . image-file-handler)
   ("^/cygdrive/[A-Za-z]/" . cygwin-mount-map-drive-hook-function)
   ("^//[A-Za-z]/" . cygwin-mount-map-drive-hook-function)
   ("^/[^:@]*$\\|^/|/[^/:]+\\(\\'\\|/\\)" . cygwin-mount-name-hook-function)
   ("^/[^/:]*\\'" . ange-ftp-completion-hook-function)
   ("^/[^/:]*[^/:.]:" . ange-ftp-hook-function) ("\\`/:" . 

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