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21.5 non-Mule package build failure

From: Steve Youngs
Subject: 21.5 non-Mule package build failure
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 00:10:35 +1000
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The packages build fails under XEmacs 21.5 non-Mule in the Tramp
package.  It's because of a coding cookie in tramp.el:

        '-*- coding: iso-8859-1; -*-'

Simply removing it fixes the immediate problem of building Tramp with
XEmacs 21.5 non-Mule, but that makes me feel uneasy for two reasons:

    1) Why is that cookie there in the first place? (Kai?)

    2) Why isn't XEmacs 21.5 non-Mule just ignoring it?  (That would
       be the right thing for it to do, wouldn't it?)

Would anyone object to me (Kai, especially) removing the coding cookie
from tramp.el so we can get a clean(ish) packages build for non-Mule

I know that this isn't the "right" thing to do so to appease the Gods,
I'll submit a bug report complete with traces about this in a few

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