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Tramp on HP-UX

From: Oliver, Peter
Subject: Tramp on HP-UX
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 17:15:49 +0100

Attached is a patch against tramp 2.0.30 that addresses a couple of issues I
had whilst trying to get it working.

Firstly, on HP-UX, the command more usually called "rsh" is called "remsh".
This is because rsh is something else, the restricted shell.  The patch adds
new methods that use remsh instead of rsh.  Perhaps it would be better if
the rsh method were able to automatically detect which binary it should be
calling, but that would require someone with some lisp knowledge; I made my
changes pretty much just by copying and pasting :-)

Secondly, it is possible to configure the sudo password prompt with
/etc/sudoers.  However, if you've done this, tramp fails to recognise the
password prompt when it sees it.  By using the -p option to sudo, this patch
forces the prompt to be what tramp expects.

I'm not on the tramp mailing list, so please CC any replies to me.


Peter Oliver

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