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Re: To stupid to install tramp...

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: To stupid to install tramp...
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 09:12:03 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.1003 (Gnus v5.10.3) Emacs/21.3.50 (gnu/linux)

Sven Utcke <address@hidden> writes:

> However, it is a bit dated, so I decided to install 2.0.35 instead.
> It took me a while to figure out that GNU make 3.74 was to old to
> use, but now, with 3.80, I can at least run make.  I tried to
> install for the following emacsen:

It needs a new make?  Oh.  I didn't know that.  Hm.  Is it obvious
what to do with older makes?

> emacs 20.3
> xemacs 20.4
> emacs 21.1
> xemacs 21.1
> I completely failed on the first two:
> ./configure --with-emacs --prefix=/software/tramp-2.0.34 
> --with-lispdir=/software/tramp-2.0.34/share/emacs/20.3/site-lisp
> [...]
> make USE_CONTRIB=1 all
> [...]
> emacs --no-site-file -batch --eval "(add-to-list 'load-path \".\")"  --eval 
> "(ad
> d-to-list 'load-path \"../contrib\")" -f batch-byte-compile  tramp-efs.el
> While compiling toplevel forms in file 
> /software/tramp-2.0.34/tramp-2.0.34/lisp/
> tramp-efs.el:
>   !! Args out of range ((1 33))
> Done
> make[1]: *** [tramp-efs.elc] Error 1

It shouldn't try to compile tramp-efs, that's for XEmacs only.  But
it is obvious, now that I look at the Makefiles, that it does try to
compile tramp-efs even for Emacs.  Hm.  What to do?

> [7] [8] (./tramp.tmp) (./tramp.tmp) (./tramp.tmp) (./tramp.tmp) (./tramp.tmp)
> (./tramp.tmp) (./tramp.tmp) (./tramp.tmp) [9] (./tramp.tmp) (./tramp.tmp)
> (./tramp.tmp)
> ! Missing number, treated as zero.
> <to be read again> 
>                    @unhbox 
> @leavevmode ->@unhbox 
>                       @address@hidden 
>  ->@leavevmode 
>                @penalty @tiepenalty @ 
> [...]
> (see the transcript file for additional information)
> Output written on tramp.dvi (48 pages, 98924 bytes).
> Transcript written on tramp.log.
> /software/texinfo-4.5/SunOS-5.8/bin/texi2dvi: tex exited with bad status, 
> quitti
> ng.

Ayee.  I thought Texinfo 4.5 would be sufficiently recent?

I don't get this error with Texinfo 4.3, and from the above, I can't
say which line it might be in.

> or
> make distclean
> ./configure --with-xemacs --prefix=/software/tramp-2.0.34 
> --with-lispdir=/software/tramp-2.0.34/share/xemacs/20.4/site-lisp
> [...]
> make  USE_CONTRIB=1 all
> [...]
> xemacs --no-site-file -batch --eval "(add-to-list 'load-path \".\")"  --eval 
> "(a
> dd-to-list 'load-path \"../contrib\")" -f batch-byte-compile  tramp.el
> Compiling /software/tramp-2.0.34/tramp-2.0.34/lisp/tramp.el...
> While compiling toplevel forms in file 
> /software/tramp-2.0.34/tramp-2.0.34/lisp/
> tramp.el:
>   !! File error (("Cannot open load file" "timer"))
> Done
> [...]

I know about this one :-)  However, I forget the details.

I /think/ you just need to install the fsf-compat package, but it's
also possible that Tramp doesn't work at all in XEmacs 20.

> Now, with emacs 21.1 I can actually run the make, but the install
> fails, as it expects the target directories to exist.

I've now added "mkdir -p" to the install rule in lisp/  I
will commit it when I have Net access again.

> But --- Emacs seems unable to see the connection which actually exists
> (it times out after 60s, even though the *tramp...* buffer shows me
> that I did log in).

I suspect a prompt regexp problem.  I guess that Tramp is logging in
to the remote host and then looking for the prompt, but it can't find
the prompt for one reason or another.  For this, the *tramp/foo* and
the *debug tramp/foo* buffers would be highly useful.

> And xemacs 21.1?  It tries to make an ftp-connection...

Under XEmacs, Tramp uses a different filename format by default.
Instead of /method:address@hidden:/some/file, use
/[method/address@hidden/some/file, the square brackets are part of the
filename syntax.

You could also play the guinea pig for me and (setq
tramp-unified-filenames t) before loading Tramp.  Then it will use
Emacs-style filenames under XEmacs, too.  Some kludgery is required
to work around EFS's strong XEmacs integration, that's why it isn't
the default, yet.

> Well, I guess I'm doing something very, very stupid --- but what?  It
> must be obvious, since I'm the first to ask, but I simply have no clue
> as to what the reason could be.

As you can see from my attempts, you aren't doing anything stupid at
all.  Rather, you have really excercised Tramp a lot and uncovered
lots of bugs, old and new.


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