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Re: Two weirdnesses (bugs ?) in tramp 2.0.34

From: Skip Montanaro
Subject: Re: Two weirdnesses (bugs ?) in tramp 2.0.34
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 10:09:31 -0500

    Gilbert> - major problem is: when trying to "save" a file towards the
    Gilbert>   remote host, it always take several 10's of sec. with the
    Gilbert>   message "Waiting for remote host to process data" displayed
    Gilbert>   in the minibuffer.

I've noticed a terrible slowness as well, though I don't recall that
message.  It sits there for a long time before telling me it's going to
save.  "rsync" is better than "ssh", but still terribly slow.

I also see large pauses when I make a change to a file for the first time in
awhile.  I guess it's checking over the net to see if the remote file has

I'm not editing over slow links, either.  I work at Northwestern University,
and edit files on machines on the local network.  When at home, I have cable
modem, so even though the uplink isn't blazing fast, it's still
significantly faster than dial-up would be.

I imagine it's largely an ssh issue.  Is there anything I can do to tweak my
ssh setup to improve performance?

Skip Montanaro
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