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protections for install

From: Marc Girod
Subject: protections for install
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 11:20:10 +0300


I just installed tramp-2.0.35, and found that the default protections
got from extracting the tar didn't allow me to build with my own
account, and install as root (with or without sudo), since my home
directory is nfs mounted from a storage server not trusting my root
account over nfs.

Thus, the missing of o+r on files and o+rx on directories went in the

I don't expect my configuration to be specially weird or infrequent.

Best Regards!

Marc Girod        P.O. Box 323        Voice:  +358-71 80 25581
Nokia NBI         00045 NOKIA Group   Mobile: +358-50 38 78415
Takomo 1 / 4c27   Finland             Fax:    +358-71 80 61604

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