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Re: still no go with tramp

From: Tim Connors
Subject: Re: still no go with tramp
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 20:27:09 +1100 (EST)

On Sun, 4 Jan 2004, Tim Connors wrote:

>               (if rawfile
>                   ;; #### FSF 20.3 sets buffer-file-coding-system to
>                   ;; `no-conversion' here.  Should we copy?  It also
>                   ;; makes `find-file-literally' a local variable
>                   ;; and sets it to t.
>                   nil
>                 (after-find-file error (not nowarn))
>                 (setq buf (current-buffer))))


> I trace the function, and the error is signalled in rawfile
> test. If I just comment this out, the file loads proerply, the format is
> raw. If left in, the error is signalled, the buffer deleted, and I don't
> get my file.

Sorry Kai for leading you on this wild goose chase.

I just found my problem.

The very last lines of after-find-file are
  (unless nomodes
    (normal-mode t)
    (run-hooks 'find-file-hooks)))

find-file-hooks is
Value: (prcs-maybe-put-into-controlled-mode vc-find-file-hook 
font-lock-set-defaults tramp-set-auto-save tramp-vc-setup-for-remote 
gnuplot-mmm-init save-desktop)

And this is where I remember that I installed prcs-el just before tramp
started breaking (at the same time I upgraded everything else)

apt-cache show prcs-el:
ELisp support for the Project Revision Control System
 This package contains Emacs-Lisp add-on support for PRCS, the Project
 Revision Control System.  It provides a useful interface for some
 PRCS commands (checkin, diff, info, and rekey) while editing project
 descriptor files (.prj).
 prcs-el is distributed separately from the prcs package because it
 on Emacs (or another "emacsen" flavor).

Well, it seems that prcs-el conflicts with tramp for the time being - no
biggy, because I haven't yet used prcs, so don't know whether I will want
to use it. Obviously not, if it breaks tramp :)

TimC --
"I give up," said Pierre de Fermat's friend. "How DO you keep a
mathematician busy for 350 years?"

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