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Re: How to make emacs "lock" files on remote host ?

From: Skip Montanaro
Subject: Re: How to make emacs "lock" files on remote host ?
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 06:48:26 -0500

    >> I note a brief discussion about this from 2001 about
    >> verify-visited-file-modtime not being supported then but don't know
    >> whether this is still the case.

    Michael> According to the Changelog, Kai has implemented it end of
    Michael> 2001. And it detects file changes for methods who support
    Michael> this. It doesn't detect it for foreign methods like ftp and
    Michael> smb, AFAIR.

Can this be disabled?  I bump into it all the time.  It's quite annoying
over slowish links, especially if the path has lots of components.

Skip Montanaro
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