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URL file name syntax

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: URL file name syntax
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2004 20:59:57 +0200
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I've committed some patches to Tramp CVS which provide a new
experimental feature: URL file name syntax. It can be enabled by
setting the new variable `tramp-syntax':

  (setq tramp-syntax 'url)
  (require 'tramp)

A short description is available in the Tramp Info section
"(tramp)Alternative Syntax".

Not everything is tested yet, for example the "ftp" method (calling
Ange-FTP or EFS), and expanding the tilde "~" in Tramp file names.

Handling electricity for XEmacs, I had to disable the corresponding
entry in `read-file-name-map'. Nothing I like to do, but it still
seems to work via Tramp's implementation of `substitute-in-file-name'.

Any feedback is very welcome.

Best regards, Michael.

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