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Extra ssh jump from whithin host

From: Ytsen de Boer
Subject: Extra ssh jump from whithin host
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 17:41:36 +0400
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Dear readers,

I would like to access files on a computer that is not directly accessible from `outside'. I have to log in on one of a bunch of computers from which I can, with an additional ssh (no password), access the next (`protected') machine.

How can I, in emacs, use tramp, to edit a file on that second machine? What do I type in the `find file' field? I have no problem establishing the first connection, but then the extra ssh jump? Or could I make some kind of link?

 Any help is very welcome.



PS. The point is that I want to edit .tex files on the 2nd machine that I want to latex there into a veery big .dvi file. That's the reason that I don't move those files to the first machine where I have limited space.

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