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Re: config error

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: config error
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 10:43:35 +0200
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"John F. Whitehead" <address@hidden> writes:

> I am getting the error "configure: error: calling emacs" when trying to 
> configure tramp 2.1.1. (Unlike the same error message reported at 
> <> 
> this isn't caused by a faulty site-start.el because "--no-site-file" is 
> now specified in the configure script.)
> My emacs installation is fine:
>> emacs --version
> GNU Emacs
> Does anyone know how I can avoid this error (or avoid the test) and 
> continue with the configuration/installation?  None of these commands 
> work for me, either as written or while executed under "sudo":
> ./configure
> ./configure --with-contrib
> ./configure --with-emacs
> ./configure --with-contrib --with-emacs
> Any ideas?  Thanks.
> Here is the config.log:
> configure:1242: Tramp 2.1.1
> configure:1255: checking for gmake
> configure:1284: result: no
> configure:1255: checking for make
> configure:1271: found /usr/bin/make
> configure:1281: result: make
> configure:1298: checking for reasonable make version
> configure:1301: result: ok
> configure:1311: checking whether make sets $(MAKE)
> configure:1331: result: yes
> configure:1411: checking for emacs
> configure:1428: found /usr/bin/emacs

Are you sure this is your Emacs Usually, it is installed at

If it isn't the emacs you want to start, you could adapt your $PATH,
or you could say something like this:

./configure --with-contrib --with-emacs=/usr/local/bin/emacs

> configure:1439: result: yes
> configure:1453: checking for emacs flavor
> emacs --no-site-file -batch -eval (let ((x (if (featurep 'xemacs) "yes" 
> "no"))) (write-region (if (stringp x) (princ x) (prin1-to-string x)) 
> nil "./conftest-1896"))
> End of file during parsing
> configure:1476: result:
> configure:1478: error: calling emacs

Examine the log file config.log, whether you see something obvious. If
it doesn't help, call configure in debugging mode:

sh -xv ./configure --with-contrib --with-emacs

Last what you could try is to check that your bourne shell is able to
call the command. Open the bourne shell via '/bin/sh', and call:

emacs --no-site-file -batch -eval "(let ((x (if (featurep 'xemacs) \"yes\" 
\"no\"))) (write-region (if (stringp x) (princ x 'ignore) (prin1-to-string x)) 
nil \"./conftest-1896\"nil 5))"

If nothing of this helps, please report the results.

Best regards, Michael.

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