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Re: tramp/ange-ftp and dired

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: tramp/ange-ftp and dired
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 21:45:24 +0100
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Ed Green <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello:


> I'm using a newish version of Emacs ( that I obtained from 
> sourceforge/nqmacs, and this is my first exposure to tramp.
> I'm having some trouble with it.  I am using the MS-Windows version
> on NT.

I don't use nqmacs, but your problems are reproducible with Emacs
22.0.50 under GNU Debian as well.

> I had been using ange-ftp previously.  Now I access ange-ftp via tramp 
> as advertised.
> The problem is when I'm using ange-ftp/tramp (what should I call it 
> now?) with dired.

It's not obvious, I know. But in the ange-ftp case, Tramp is handing
over all actions to ange-ftp functions. Mostly.

> There are problems both with error messages and with the dired 
> buffer/window not updating properly.
> For instance, when I use '+' to create a subdirectory, the system 
> prompts for the new subdirectory name, then
> the minibuffer fills with an error message and the new directory name 
> comes in as "." (so now there are two directories with single dots).  
> When I press 'g' to refresh the dired window the window is reset and I 
> can see that, yes, the new directory was created.

I've debugged it shortly. Seems to be a problem in

> Problems occur when I try to rename a file, also.  I get error messages 
> indicating that the system couldn't cd into the new file - why is it 
> trying to do that?

This problem has been reported already, see
<>. Unfortunately, not
fixed yet.

> Thanks for your expertise.  Let me know if you need more information.

I've copied this message to <address@hidden>, where
ange-ftp errors should be discussed.

> Ed Green

Best egards, Michael.

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