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Re: login fails

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: login fails
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 23:05:47 +0100
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address@hidden (Haines Brown) writes:

> Only one strange thing. I find I can access everyone else's account to
> the extent I have read permission for their files! Surely this is not
> right. Or is it? While I lack permission to do mischief, I certainly
> can snoop.

You should ask the other guys about their file permissions. If they
don't want to let you read those files, they should protect them.

> A) Pickling the password cache
> To make the password cache permanent rather than expire when the emacs
> session ends, I gather I should use:
>   password-cache-expiry nil
> I haven't a clue where to put this. Among other experiments, I tried
> to put into /.emacs 
>   (setq password-cache-expiry nil) 
> but it had no effect.

The password cache is only for a given Emacs session, it doesn't
survive session end. Tramp has no own password handling mechanism, it
let the underlying programs (ssh, ftp, ...) do the job. If you want to
have a password-less ssh connection you should read about ssh-agent.

> B) Adding a directory to the hostname
> I gather that to append a directory rather than text file to the target
> host address, I need to have in /.emacs the following:
>   (add-to-list 'tramp-remote-path "/usr/local/perl/bin")

Not for this think. Adding the Perl path is useful at all for Tramp

> If I then proceed to do
>   C-x C-f /address@hidden:/html
> I get the old error that the file is not found. Without the appended
> directory, the directory I do access has the html subdirectory. I also
> get the error: 
>   Wrong type argument: integerp, nil

Sorry, but here I am lost.

Could you, please, open "/address@hidden:/" and check in the
listing whether there is a directory "html"? If yes, check ownership
and access rights of that directory.

> C) I'd like to set up an alias so that I don't have to type in the
> entire "address@hidden:" each time. So I tried in
> /etc/ssh/ssh_config to add a stanza before the system wide default
> stanza, such as this:

See <>
for recipes. Note, that this page desribes Tramp 2.1. Therefore some
of the recipes might be not applicable for you - play with them.

Recipe 2. describes your attempt with "~/.ssh/config" (you shouldn't
edit "/etc/ssh/ssh_config").

>   Host
> It seems I can alias the hostname by adding the line:
>   HostName test

I guess you need it vice versa:

  Host test
       User usr1066

Then "/test:" would be sufficient, given that "ssh" is your default method.

> Haines Brown

Best regards, Michael.

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