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Re: tramp (2.0.48); tramp doesn't work with FreeBSD

From: Michael Kifer
Subject: Re: tramp (2.0.48); tramp doesn't work with FreeBSD
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005 13:11:16 -0400

> Michael Kifer <address@hidden> writes:
> > Tramp hangs when visiting directories on a remote FreeBSD machine
> > from a Linux machinr. The hangup occurs when Tramp is trying to send
> > tramp_file_attributes:
> Very interesting.  Could you please read the documentation of the
> variable tramp-chunksize and do as it says and report the results?
> Please also try larger numbers, not just 1000.
> Regardless of the result of the above, could you please try to see if
> setting tramp-chunksize to, say, 100, helps to work around the problem
> in the more recent Emacs checkout?
> If the tramp-chunksize workaround catches it, then this would be the
> first time at actual hints at changes in Emacs that might have caused
> the problem.  Then one could start comparing the two versions, or go
> hunting for the change that broke it.
> (I think I first added the feature for someone using AIX, then it
> cropped up for Redhat users (but not other GNU/Linux distributions),
> and now you're reporting it for FreeBSD.)

Thanks, Kai,

It works for chunksizes 100, 500, but gets stuck for 1000 at the following

tramp: Sending chunk from 0 to 804

By default it is set to nil, by the way, not 1000.

I can't send the logs with attachments until somebody fixes tramp-bug.

By the way, the script that is included in the description of
tramp-chunksize returns the same numbers for send and received.


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