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Little annoyance when saving on a FAT system though ssh

From: Torsten Bronger
Subject: Little annoyance when saving on a FAT system though ssh
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 18:39:54 +0200
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I use Tramp for editing a remote file trhough a ssh connection.  The
file is on a FAT32 filesystem.  When I write the file for the first
time in the Emacs session, a buffer named *trams/ssh bob* opens with
the following contents:

(nil 1 0 100 (17216 3044) (17216 3045) (17216 3045) 461 33279 t (3 . 52893) -1)

*Messages* contains:

Loading tramp...done
Loading time-date...done
Making completion list...
Mark set
Wrote /tmp/tramp.27051ZvA
Loading python...done
Loading subst-ksc...done
Loading subst-gb2312...done
Loading subst-big5...done
Loading subst-jis...done
Cannot write backup file; backing up in %backup%~
Mark set
Wrote /tmp/tramp.27051R5s
Wrote /home/bronger/%backup%~
Wrote /ssh:bob:/windows/hobie/
Mark set

Saving the file works but this behaviour is slightly annoying.  Can
it be avoided?  I use the current CVS Emacs  Thanks!


Torsten Bronger, aquisgrana, europa vetus            ICQ 264-296-646

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