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Rising Star Stocks

From: Lesley Goode
Subject: Rising Star Stocks
Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2005 13:45:19 +0000

* Market Trends Alert * 

Corporate Profile: 

Company: 2-Track Global Inc.
Trading symbol: TOTG . ob
Current_Price: $1.26
Target_Price: $3.30 
Exchange: OTC Bulletin Board 
Shares Outstanding: 30,000,000 
Public Float: 4,200,000 
Rating: 10/10 - Very Str0ng_Buy 

The Leader in a High Growth Sector 


A Major PR Campaign Has Begun!! 

Read below about this company and interesting
News and how TOTG is involved.

Watch this one Monday for sure,
You may want to act very quickly!


New York - Nearly seven million cargo containers 
each year enter the seaports of America onboard 
ships from numerous foreign ports and countries. 
The containers are unloaded and transferred to 
trucks and trains to be shipped to their final 
destination. However, as national security 
concerns move to the forefront of the U.S.' 
priority list, how are agencies in charge of 
security at our nation's ports to be assured that 
the cargo containers have not been tampered with, 
or had their security compromised along the way? 

Traditional container seals provide evidence of 
unauthorized entry only when they are physically 
inspected, which often doesn't occur until the 
container arrives at its final destination, 
defeating much of the purpose of the inspections 
in the first place. Radio frequency identification 
tags however (or RFID tags, sometimes labeled 
smart tags) offer shippers, freight recipients, 
and the ports handling the containers, significant 
security advantages. Due to the fact that the 
RFID container seals are made with imbedded micro-
transmitters, a significant amount of tracking 
data will be provided to shippers and recipients, 
including frequently updated information throughout 
the life of a shipment. Most importantly, they 
provide automatic notification of tampering, as 
they go 'silent' if a container has been tampered 
with in any way throughout its journey. Smart tags 
can also be equipped with sensors to monitor 
environmental conditions within the container, and 
due to the complex technologies involved, 
counterfeiting the transmitters and their imbedded 
data is impossible. 

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the 21st 
century version of the bar code. For years, bar 
codes have been compared to a machine-readable 
license plate. Each bar code label contains a unique 
Universal Product Code (UPC) number coded in black 
and white bars that contain information such as 
product type and price. RFID tags take bar codes to 
a new level with super detailed specifications on 
the product, besides the obvious: What is it, Who 
made it, When was it made; and other manufacturing 
information. The RFID tag gives each individual 
product (or case, or truckload) its own unique 
identifier so that can be accurately identified 
and handled at various designated points. In addition 
to improving the security of shipments, there are 
other significant benefits to RFID implementation. 
Theft, counterfeit products and damage to goods are 
constant risks to manufacturers when products are 
transported, and RFID serves to virtually eliminate 
these problems, among others, making it a truly 
impressive technological achievement that will 
greatly aid both commerce and homeland security. 
The most promising company specializing in RFID 
technology is 2-Track Global Inc. (OTCBB:TOTG) 

Smart Tags Go Global 
Dollars and Sensors 

2-Track Global Inc. (TOTG) is a technology development 
and marketing company which owns, operates, and 
licenses proprietary telematics solutions combining 
hardware and software applications run over wireless 
or satellite networks to deliver remote security 
management of marine and cargo fleets (including 
consumer solutions aimed at the leisure, marine, 
and domestic security markets) and commercial vehicle 
plant and machinery management and security. The 
company has communications technology which provides 
global logistics solutions for the remote monitoring 
of freight containers over multiple transport mores. 
By combining these technologies in multiple logistic 
verticals in a market where security related issues 
are doing incredible well at this time, TOTG has 
earned our highest rating of 10 out of 10. Market 
Timing: The governments of 20 foreign ports, including
most recently Thailand and China, have agreed to 
implement the Container Security Initiative (CSI), 
and the Smart and Secure Trade Lanes Initiative (SST), 
embracing RFID technology as a way to help ensure 
container security. The timing couldn't be better, 
and by mid-October this issue is expected to 
well surpass its target price St0ck Forecast:
TOTG has been trading extremely low up until now, 
apparently under the radar of most Wall Street 
investors and analysts until just the past few days. 
We believe this offers the astute investor a fantastic 
risk/reward scenario in an undervalued market sector. 
Therefore we are recommending TOTG up to the $3,30 
t4rget price range. Those who closely follow the news 
and political climate of the nation knows that this 
issue is now one of supreme importance, and the 
attention now being paid to this subject will only 
serve to cause TOTG to rise dramatically over the
coming days and weeks. As soon as the majority of 
Wall Street recognizes and jumps on this issue, the
price will soar, and unfortunately the chance for 
the private invest0r to make a healthy profit will
be largely over. Accumulate while you're able! 


netnews sends out public announcements providing 
information on selected companies. onetnews is n0t_a _
r3gistered_investment advis0r or br0ker-dealer. This 
report is provided as an information service only 
and the statements and opinions in this report should 
not be construed as an offer or s0licitation to buy or 
sell any security. onetnews accepts no liability for 
any loss arising from an invest0r's reliance on or use 
of this announcement. An investment is considered to be 
highly speculative and should not be considered unless 
a person can afford a complete loss of investment. 
onetnews has been compensated three_th0us4nd d0|l4rs
 for this report.

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