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tramp and windows network places

From: Deliverable Mail
Subject: tramp and windows network places
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 15:40:20 -0700

When using tramp under XEmacs on Windows, there's a problem mixing this use with accessing network places.
A typical sessions runs as follows: load a tramp file, edit it, be happy.
Access a network-place file, \\place\\winfile.
Then try to load a tramp file /[plink1/...]/path/trampfile, *when in the winfile buffer*, via C-x C-f.
Tramp dutifully goes out but then says,
The directory containing /[plink1/...]//place/trampfile does not exist
-- it seems to take a piece of the path from the network place.
When switching to a local Windows file before tramping out, e.g. load ~/.emacs, subsequent loading of the same file via tramp works!
What's going on?

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