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RE Wealth of Experience Is Needed.

From: victor
Subject: RE Wealth of Experience Is Needed.
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 18:38:04 +0200

I am contacting you believing you are a honest and trustworthy person.I believe 
you will not betray the confidence I am willing to repose in you, for me to 
have contacted you even though we've not met before.

My name is Victor Goudalé,the only son of late Mr.Hassan Goudalé who was the 
chairman /President/CEO,Cacao-Cafe & Agro-Alimentary industries 
plc.SCAFECAO)"Bouake" and ex-owner of Polyclinic LA-MADONNE, of the Republic of 
Cote d'Ivoire,please if possible you can send phone contact for good 

You can find the story on this 

On 19th of September 2002,a group of so called rebels took over the city of 
Bouake to over-throw the Government of Mr.Laurent Gbagbo the President of Cote 
d'Ivoire. On the 20th day morning at about 4:18am some fractions of the same 
group of rebels break into our house and killed our security guard and 
pass-through the gate entrance to the main building and took my father away to 
an un-known destination.

After about four hours later we found him (my father) at the road side, by then 
he had been totally beaten and was bleeding to death lying in the pool of his 
own blood. From there, we rushed him to a near by hospital and hours later he 
sent for my mother. So he told her that he can not make it from the doctors 
diagnosis, he also told her that it was because he (my father) was not from the 
northern part of the country that he has been treated this way and also being a 
political activist. And again he said he is suspecting some of his business 
partners for conspiracy and this sort of brutality. He also told my mother that 
he deposited a huge amount of money in a Finance house in Europe and also told 
her where he kept the whole documents concerning this deposit that is made for 
investment purpose in the western world.

That same day, he (my father) gave up the ghost. Then with the help of the 
French soldiers, we escaped to Senegal, where we are now. I am now contacting 
you believing you are honest and trustworthy to help us to receive the money in 
your account for investment, I and my mother has decided in compensating you 
20%of the total amount for your assistance .

Please do take your time to go through the mail and get back to us, so that I 
will simply introduce to the Finance house where the fund are being kept now 
for onward transfer.

I am waiting for your response.
Thanks and God bless.
Victor Goudalé .

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