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From: Jana Moreland
Subject: re[20]:
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 00:58:20 -0300

Fuck the symbolism. Animated Graphics hometown weather on So she slipped through their fingers.

No need for it to go all the way, good God, no — no need to overturn the rocking chair, to use Tom Twyford's metaphor. Oh, I suppose a lot of people wouldn't understand. Yes. "I owe you my life and I haven't been anything but a pain in the tail to you. , even if a friend had suggested it), he couldn't have used it. That she would do that to him — that she could, when he had spent most of his adult life thinking the word writer was the most important definition of himself — made her seem utterly monstrous, something he must escape. He had once toured a mental asylum — this was years ago, when he had been researching Misery, the first of the four books which had been his main source of income over the last eight years — and he had seen this look. in 1914

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