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Short-term stokc advice that multiplies income C G D C New New

From: Wyatt
Subject: Short-term stokc advice that multiplies income C G D C New New
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 16:04:37 -0100

Movements of stokc and market tendencies analyzed Brokerage info and insider 
data to boost stokc profits Eliminate stokc risk with professional advice and 
Just take a look: 

H o t _S t 0 c k for attention.
We found company ready to EXPLODE!!
Put CGDC on your radar's now. This st0ck shows a significant up in stock price 
and sometimes in days, not months or years.
Watch CGDC like a hawk tomorrow!! The alert is on!! 

Symbol: C.G.D.C
Current Price: 0.50

A Company engaged in gold and minerals exploration and development of gold and 
mineral properties in China.

Why consider CHINA GOLD CORP (CGDC)? Seee n0wadays what happened.

• Rising gold prices are further accelerating this gold rush - The price of 
gold has up 250% over the past five years, and this is still only a quarter of 
when the price peaked 25 years ago. (Adjusted for inflation.)

• HUGE gold discovery in southwestern China - Resources have already been 
estimated by analysts at 14 million ounces...and the number keeps climbing.

• China is the world’s last great under-explored land-mass - Locked away in a 
Marxist time-warp with limited exploration technology, China’s rich virgin gold 
fields have been overlooked and ignored until recently.

• China is already the world’s 4th largest producer of gold — and will soon be 
the world’s #1 producer AND #1 consumer. The country is going gold-crazy!

• Foreign gold companies are now welcome - and the laws have been changed to 
provide full legal protection.

You can see China’s developing gold boom is building momentum. Rare 0pp0rtunity 
for early investors!!

CURRENT NEWS: China Gold Corp. Announces Shareholder Update

China Gold Corp. (CGDC - News) is a Nevada Corporation, engaged in gold and 
minerals exploration and development of gold and mineral properties in China. 
The company is pleased to announce has entered into negotiations with Zhong Cui 
Investments LTD. for the acquisition of Gold Mine property in the rural 
mountainous Guang Ning District near Zhao Qing City, Guangdong Province of 

China Gold Corp. is currently evaluating the Gold Mine property preliminary 
geological information and the property. If the company’s due diligence 
produces favorable results, management is expected to sign the letter of intent 
with Zhong Cui Investments LTD. in the next thirty (30) days. The Letter of 
Intent requires both parties to draft a definitive agreement and terms of any 
subsequent joint venture. Property description and all additional information 
will be available upon finalization of the agreement. The company will be made 
further announcements in this regard in coming weeks.


China Gold Corp. is a Nevada Corporation, engaged in gold and minerals 
exploration and development of gold and mineral properties in China. China Gold 
Corp. is dedicated to delivering growth to the shareholder by employing a 
disciplined business methodology through acquisitions and joint ventures. The 
Company seeks to acquire properties with the following development criteria: 
largely unexplored but highly prospective geological regions, ability to 
generate near-term revenue and cash flow, tremendous geological potential for 
world-class economic deposits.

The Example Above Show The Awesome, Earning Potential of Little Known Company 
That Explode Onto Investor's Radar Screens; Many of You Are Already Familiar 
with This. Is CGDC Poised and Positioned to Do that For You? Then You May Feel 
the Time Has Come to Act... And Please Watch this One Trade tomorrow! Go CGDC.
Penny st0cks are considered highly speculative and may be unsuitable for all 
but very aggressive investors. This Profile is not in any way affiliated with 
the featured company. This report is for entertainment and advertising purposes 
only and should not be used as investment advice. If you wish to stop future 
mailings, or if you feel you have been wrongfully placed in our membership, 
send a blank e mail with No Thanks in the sub ject to
  Go CGDC.

Mutual benefit by reliable stokc information Unbiased stokc info and valuable 
insider data 

Corporate insider info that is worth learning 

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thine own self be true 

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