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proscriptio 925

From: Gotam Besaw
Subject: proscriptio 925
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 19:12:17 -0700

X ^ N A X
A M B / E N
S O M ^
P R O Z ^ C
V / A G R A
V A L / U M
C / A L / S
L E V / T R A
M E R / D / A

there a draught of air refreshed him, but it almost puffed out his
light. He peeped timidly through and caught a glimpse of great passages
and of the dim beginnings of wide stairs going up into the gloom. And
still there was no sight nor sound of Smaug. He was just going to turn
and go back, when a black shape swooped at him and brushed his face. He
squeaked and started, stumbled backwards and fell. His torch dropped

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