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Moorma 339

From: Hind Conforti
Subject: Moorma 339
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 00:42:06 -0700

A M B / E N
S O M ^
L E V / T R A
V / A G R A
X ^ N A X
C / A L / S
M E R / D / A
P R O Z ^ C
V A L / U M

Wild were named) cannot climb trees. For a time they were safe. €˜Luckily
it was warm and not windy. Trees are not very comfortable to sit in for
long at any time; but in the cold and the wind, with wolves all round
below waiting for you, they can be perfectly miserable places.
This glade in the ring of trees was evidently a meeting-place of the
wolves. More and more kept coming in. They left guards at the foot of

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