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Re: problem copying files from remote machine to local one.

From: Pawel
Subject: Re: problem copying files from remote machine to local one.
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 10:34:11 +0200

Hallo Michael,
Michael Albinus writes:
 > Pawel <address@hidden> writes:
 > > Hallo Michael,
 > Hi Pawel,
 > > what I want to do:
 > > copy /scp:remotehost:/root/remotefile.txt to /tmp in my localhost.
 > [...]
 > > 2) I am pointing the remotefile.txt and invoke command M-x dired-do-copy: 
 > > /tmp
 > >
 > > This command first of all opens up another shell at remote host with 
 > > controlling buffer *tramp/scp remotehost*<2> and THEN invokes scp in that 
 > > remote host's shell:
 > >
 > > scp -p remotehost:/root/remotefile.txt /tmp/remotefile.txt
 > That is an error in Tramp 2.1.5. The asynchronous copy should happen
 > in a _local_ shell!
 > Should be fixed already in Tramp 2.1.6, released 2 days ago. Maybe you
 > give it a try?
 > > Greetings
 > Thanks for your detailed analysis, and best regards, Michael.

I just installed tramp 2.1.6 and it works fine now.
By the way I noticed some drawback comparing to version 2.1.5. Hosts completion 
method does not work (at least for scp method).

Previous tramp successfully took hosts to complete from ~/.ssh/known_hosts.
I did not change configuration of my tramp. The only thing I changed is tramp 

tramp-version's value is "2.1.6"
(tramp-get-completion-function "scp"):
((tramp-parse-connection-properties "scp") (tramp-parse-shosts 
"~/.ssh/known_hosts") (tramp-parse-sconfig "~/.ssh/config"))

I will try to do some investigation later, unless You can guess what might be 
the reason.


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